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We are a cleaning company aspires to build a carefully structured team of workers

Cleaning business started in March 2008 and even before that was conceived and planned out in the late 2007. We wanted to start a company that put the customer first. We wanted to start a company that could connect the dots and make peoples’ lives a little easier and simpler. Since we are a referral agency, we always joked that we are like a match-making service, but instead of connecting boys and girls, we connect customers and cleaners.

When we first started, we researched the industry in Los Angeles and found a dozen or so cleaning services open at the time. We called all of them just to see how good their customer service was. We were surprised to learn that most didn’t answer the phone or those that did were not fully connecting with the customer. We wanted to be different. We wanted to be better. We asked ourselves, how could such a huge, famous city that has some of the best restaurants, hotels, shopping, etc not have a premiere cleaning service? We saw a void in the market and we wanted to fill it. Today we operate with the same idea. We still answer every single phone call. Seven days a week. We talk with our customers and want to understand their cleaning needs so we can match them with the best cleaning team possible. We always want to help the customer get the best cleaning they can.


We’re an open book. Below is what we, as a company, value.

We can go on and on about how we’re one of the top rated domestic referral agencies and have amazing customer reviews, or about how over 30,000 homes have been cleaned through us, or about how each of our cleaning professionals goes through vigorous vetting processes before we bring them on, or even talk about how we’re completely tech-enabled and do automatic online payment to make life easy for you…

But let’s just leave it at this: customer satisfaction and ensuring the cleaning process is as smooth as possible is what we value here at Cleaning busines. We ready to help make your life easier and take back your time.


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If you're not happy with your cleaning, contact us and we will send a  cleaner out at no cost.